Mobile Recording

Live concert recordings are a great way to present the true sonic experience of your performances.  When captured correctly, artists are able to release a professional product in a very short amount of time.  Studio albums can take months or years to complete whereas a live album can easily be out the door in days or weeks.

We can provide on location recordings for a wide variety of situations, from one off concerts to multiple day / multiple stage festivals.  We use isolated splitter snakes to separate the remote recording equipment from the live sound gear.  This guarantees that we are capturing the raw material that can later be processed in a controlled studio environment.  Our multi-track mobile rigs allows for up to 64 simultaneous tracks at 96k 24 bit.

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Studio Production

Operating in partnership with several local studios, Elevation Reservation provides professional studio productions using state of the art equipment and spaces.  The studio environment is the most controlled way to produce a recording.  It allows the artists, engineers, and producers to experiment and work at what ever pace is necessary as well as focus on the music without distractions.  Elevation Reservation provides recording, mixing, and mastering services.

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Live Sound Engineering

Elevation Reservation has the experience and resources to satisfy any of your live sound needs from small private gigs to large festivals.  Working together with local PA companies, venues, and local engineers, we provide the highest quality in live sound.  Please CONTACT US to further discuss your needs in live sound reinforcement.